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Today is 56th anniversary of #BloodySunday. Use the link below to attend today’s virtual bridge crossing and rememb… https://t.co/QZHz32lfGT

@ItIsWhatItIsGuy @IATSE @ItIsWhatItIsGuy Male and Female are not pronouns, they are sexes. Your reply is a typical… https://t.co/yrT8TE8n1m

Using proper pronouns is important. 🗣Don’t assume, just ask; what are your pronouns? https://t.co/8iQllhGe3f

Clara Ronk

Posted on February 24, 2015

Reliable with Film experience. Skills:
Costumer, excellent Seamstress, Shopper, Alterations, Set Costumer, BG, Sycn-on-Set. thx

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