Updates from Local 764

Local 764 Staff

The Local 764 Union Office Staff works to support the membership and leadership of Local 764.

Regular Office hours are 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Individual staff schedules may vary.

Book Keeper Anne Grossman ([email protected])

  • Local 764 Classes
  • Quarterly Dues questions
  • Wally Hall Loans
  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Fabric Recycling and Green Initiatives

Assistant Business Representative Margaret LaBombard ([email protected])

  • Working out of town questions and benefit transfers
  • Work dues questions
  • Production Lists
  • Work History questions
  • Supervisor/Department Head support

Assistant to the Business Representatives Taylor Savary ([email protected])

  • Registration and New Member questions
  • Availability Lists
  • Contracts and Rates
  • Requests for meetings, show/site visits

Special Projects Coordinator Brittney Fields ([email protected])

  • Local 764 Social Events: Parties, Parades
  • Political Engagement: Local 764 Quilt Raffle, PAC Fundraiser, New York Central Labor Council
  • Member Engagement Opportunities and Ideas
  • Local 764 Mentorship and Student Outreach Opportunities

Front Desk/Dues Coordinator Taylor Hawkins ([email protected])

  • Registration and New Member Payment questions
  • Dues payments & Receipts
  • Receipts

Dues Analyst Julie Fernandez ([email protected])

Dues Analyst Cindy Gardner ([email protected])