Updates from Local 764

Welcome the newest workers of @IATSELocal764 sworn in at todays membership meeting. #UnionStrong #UnionProudhttps://t.co/lXZTZvmZQI

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the uprising of 20,000 Chinese immigrant women workers in hundreds of garment f… https://t.co/YP9Ch3HTOi

Submit Registration Materials

The Local 764 Constitution requires that those registering be of legal age and a resident of Local 764’s jurisdiction for a minimum of 18 months. Rarely, under some special circumstances, the Local may request a waiver of the 18 months from the General Secretary Treasurer of the IATSE International.  Please note that the residency requirement itself is NEVER waived. 

Anyone wishing to be considered for registration should submit a current resume and 3 letters of recommendation.  Please do not submit unless your entire packet is complete.  Only complete submissions will be considered.  You will first be notified that your submission has been received and then once again after the committee has reviewed your materials.  You must allow up to 30 days to be contacted by the committee.


While your materials are being reviewed by the committee the following is taken into consideration:

  1. Education: In theatre, fashion design or any costume related area.
  2. Experience: Theatrical wardrobe work in regional, community, summer stock, Off-Broadway venues, theme parks, costume shops, non-union films, commercials. What is your experience in? Supervising, dressing, construction, styling, crafts or other related work? Any other special skills relating to wardrobe?
  3. References: Your letters of recommendation may be from employers, educators, or union members; individuals who can speak to your ability to do this kind of work. Will they indicate qualities of professionalism? Initiative? Problem solving? Punctuality? Good communication and inter-personal skills?

When you receive notification that the committee has completed its review of your materials, along with meeting the 18 month residency requirement, instructions will be provided on how to proceed further, including the payment of the non-refundable $100.00 registration fee.

Securing work under a Local 764 agreement within our jurisdiction is the only method of gaining membership. Registration does not guarantee membership. Membership does not guarantee employment. Local 764 is not a hiring hall, nor do we employ a roster system. Active members and prospective members are responsible for obtaining work on their own.  Wardrobe supervisors still need to interview all prospective staff for their productions. Applicants are asked to note they have registered with the union on their resumes when applying for jobs within the Local 764 jurisdiction.

When you become eligible for membership, the following financial obligations apply:

Initiation fee                $1,000.00
Quarterly IA dues        $63.00 ($252.00 per year)
Local Work Dues         2% of gross salary