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@IATSELocal764 asked our workers why they vote. Worker @Rhonney “I VOTE so we can hold on to our civil liberties...… https://t.co/HRwotS0S2L

@IATSELocal764 asked our workers why they vote. Worker Melissa Crawford “I vote for a better tomorrow. I'm defiant… https://t.co/pGZeDHDoEb

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Stacia Williams

Posted on May 9, 2018

*7 years experience as a TV/film tailor
*4 years experience as a first-hand & stitcher for Regional & Broadway theatre
*11 years in 764
*16 years total professional costume work of all types, including dressing

Looking for a movie or TV show that needs a full-time tailor. I am good with large shops, and am also fine by myself in a corner. Special skills include restoration and repair of vintage clothing.