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Posted on November 6, 2020

As I write this message this afternoon, so much is still not certain about yesterday‘s election. Waiting is something that we do a lot in wardrobe— waiting for cues, for lighting to be finished, for actors, to see what time we will get to go home. We are good at waiting. But we never like it, and I am impatient now. I wish I knew what was going to happen.

Uncertainty is everywhere in our lives right now: the economic crisis, our safety and health crisis, the crisis of racism and social justice, and the political crisis of our divided civic population. Really, none of us can be sure of what comes next.

But—as the President of Local 764, there is one thing of which I am completely certain.

The members of Local 764 are wonderful.

Many of you stepped up to engage in the political process this fall. Whenever there was a need, there were 764 members volunteering to fill it. 28 of you phone banked to try to convince other union voters to get out and vote in the interest of workers and unions. Leah Okin and her husband did canvassing for two Saturdays in Philadelphia as volunteers, walking door to door, trying to help turn the state blue one voter at a time.

And the lawn signs! We announced that we had lawn signs, and the next thing we knew, we had pictures of the sign on many different lawns and gardens, including the lawn of our other business agent, Frank Gallagher. And I must pause here to give a shout out to Martha Smith and the office staff, who mailed the signs out and do everything else to support all Local 764’s activism.

You registered and you voted. You stood in line to vote. You early voted and mail voted and tracked your ballots anxiously online. You signed up to be poll workers, staffing voting places so that other people could more easily vote. You took elderly parents and neighbors to the polls, and reminded your young-adult children to go, and wore the “I voted” stickers to remind everyone else. You used your social media to amplify you activism.

Somehow, you managed to have the annual Quilt event, transformed this year into the online “Quiltmania” raising a final total of $7,942 in 2020 for the IATSE Political Action Committee. A Big thanks go to all of you, who dug deep this time to support the PAC.

Someday soon we will know how this election ends.  Of course, we will measure its success in terms of who won or lost. I want you to know that I will also personally measure the success of the 2020 presidential election in terms of the contributions that individual 764 members made to their fellow human beings, trying to make our nation a better place.

Thanks for all you do.
In Solidarity,

President Patricia White

Below are members Jose Gutierrez voting, Enid Turnbull working as a poll worker and the homes of Jo Anne Bethel, Lorna Pruce, Christina Ainge, Frank Gallagher and member Maureen Leshley proudly displaying their Union Pride! 


If you are contacted by your employer to return to work, PLEASE CONTACT LOCAL 764!
For Leah Okin: [email protected]
For Frank Gallagher: [email protected]