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Mark Morris Dance Group Hiring Temp to Permanent Positions !

Posted on March 10, 2022

Touring Wardrobe Supervisor Cover

Must be available to train March 24-27 in Brooklyn and tour the following dates:

4/20-24 (3 shows) Seattle, WA 

4/28-5/1 (2 shows) Urbana, IL 

6/7-13 (4 shows) Santa Monica, CA 

Touring rate is $850 per week (4-7 days) or $425 per half week (1-3 days) plus $50/day per diem for out of town tours. Possibility of more touring throughout the summer and fall. 

Fitting Assistant

Takes care of all fittings that need to happen during the company’s rehearsal week. Generally, their workday is Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm when not on tour. Individual fittings are scheduled during their lunch break (usually 2-3pm) and group fittings/lineups are scheduled after class (noon) or after lunch. There is flexibility with the scheduling, but you need to be available in those windows and work around their rehearsal schedule.

This position is also responsible for transferring fitting notes and costumes that need alteration to the person who does the alterations. Drop off and pick up in the Times Square area. $18.50/hour approximately 6-15 hours/week.

MMDG has a special contract which pays 10% to health and welfare, 2% annuity and 6% pension.

If interested, please email resume to Stephanie Sleeper at [email protected].