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Ratification of the Majors Agreement today at 1 @IATSELocal764 office. Come vote yes! #UnionStrong https://t.co/eqLtKcvSU1

@IATSELocal764 membership meeting today at 2:30, use link below to register. https://t.co/ah4kKtm9cM https://t.co/hM9ynTQ42X

@IATSELocal764 workers usually keep costumes looking good, but when we get to distress them then watch out! Photos… https://t.co/I5mwImedQr

Local 764 Update: March 7th, 2022

Posted on March 7, 2022

As reported at the Local 764 membership Meeting:

Below is information on:

  • Upcoming Local 764 Classes
  • Upcoming Local 764 Negotiations
  • Local 764 Majors Survey: Link reopened
  • Call for interested members: Outreach, Training and Mentorship
  • From the National Benefits Fund: CAPP STATEMENTS for April 1, 2022 are available for viewing
  • Pride Announcement & Petition from Local RiseOut
  • Petition from Local 798
  • Information from Gail Brewer’s Office: resources to help the Ukraine

From Past Emails:

  • Be Scene Be Heard Mental Health App
  • Online Job Site Visit Requests
  • MPTV COVID 19 Training

Other useful links

Local 764 March Classes

As reported at the February 27th Local 764 Membership Meeting:

First Day on Set:

Kimberly Baird and Kimberly Butler-Gilkerson will be teaching the basics of Day Playing as a Background Costumer for TV and Movies. This class will cover a variety of topics for workers new to Television and Motion Picture Day Playing, including:

  • Helpful terms
  • Background checking-in process
  • Reading a call sheet
  • Continuity photos and labeling photos
  • Set etiquette

DATE: Sunday, March 20th
TIME: 12 pm – 2 pm
LOCATION: Local 764 Office (545 West 45th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC NY 10036)

Email Anne Grossman to sign up! [email protected] – you must include your NAME and the class you wish to attend.

On Set Distressing:

Yleana Nunez will be sharing her techniques and tips for distressing costumes. This class will cover a variety of techniques including:

  • Aging
  • Creating Sweat
  • Making costumes look dirty and aged
  • Useful tools for your kit

DATE: Saturday, March 26th
TIME: 12 pm – 4 pm
LOCATION: Local 764 Office (545 West 45th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC NY 10036)

Email Anne Grossman to sign up! [email protected] – you must include your NAME and the class you wish to attend.

Local 764 Negotiations in 2022

As reported at the February 27th Local 764 Membership Meeting: The Following Local 764 Contracts will be up for negotiation in 2022: Local 764 Majors Agreement with the AMPTP (please see below the survey for this agreement) Local 764 CBS Network Contract Local 764 Broadway League Agreement Local 764 Metropolitan Opera Agreement Local 764 Disney Theatrical Agreement PLEASE NOTE: there are additional agreements in addition to those listed above with expiry in 2022.

There will be All-Member Town Halls for specific to these contracts, which will be scheduled and announced throughout the year.

For general questions about how to submit an idea for a proposal, please contact Taylor Savary at [email protected]

Local 764 Majors Survey

As reported at the Local 764 February 27th Membership Meeting:


At the request of the membership, the Local 764 Majors Contract survey has been reopened.

Please see below the link to a simple online survey which will help Local 764 and its Majors Committee prepare for bargaining.   Please complete the survey by March 18th, 2022

    This form is also posted on the Local 764 website: https://www.ia764.org/uncategorized/local764majorssurvey/ 

Call for Interested Members:
Outreach, Training and Mentorship

As reported at the Local 764 February 27th Membership Meeting:

Local 764 will partner with ReelWorks to create a craft training program for young adults from traditionally under-represented backgrounds.  The Local 764 BIPOC Committee will be involved in its development.  ReelWorks does training programs for other IATSE Locals, including Local 52 and Local 798.  

ReelWorks provides students training in life and social skills, and Local 764 members will provide the craft training and mentorship!

This program is in its very initial stages of development!

If you are interested in lending your teaching skills, please let the office know!

Email your interest to: msmith@ia764.org


THE IATSE NATIONAL BENEFIT FUNDS has sent out the information below to all participants registered on their website:   As a registered user on the IATSE National Benefit Funds website, we are sending you this notification that your CAPP statement for the April 1, 2022 quarter is available for viewing.  The Fund Office must hear from you no later than March 22nd, 2022 in the event you need to take any action, make a payment or make changes/additions.  

Please click here to be directed the IATSE National Benefits Website.  Feel free to contact them by calling 1-800-456-FUNDS (3863), via email at [email protected], or through the “contact us” feature of our website if you need assistance or have any questions.


As reported at the February 27th, 2022 Local 764 Membership Meeting:

Local 764 Business Agents Leah Okin & Frank Gallagher made a presentation to the membership about the IATSE PAC.

The PAC is a way for members to donate to Labor-friendly and Entertainment-friendly candidates, and helps amplify Union voices in Washington.  

Use the QR code or link below to donate and learn more!

2022 Pride

Save the date:
PRIDE PARADE Sunday, June 26th

Local 764 and IATSE will participate in the New York City Pride March. The march is an event celebrating the LGBTQ community: it is one of the largest annual Pride marches in the world!


A few months ago Local 764 partnered with RiseOut which is part of The Gay Center of New York City. RiseOut partners comprise more than 50 LGBTQ and allied organizations from every region of New York State.
RiseOut works to mobilize people across New York State to work as change agents, ensuring that the diverse concerns of LGBTQ community members are heard. 

RiseOut has asked us to share this petition with our membership. Sign the petition to help pass laws that will protect and affirm LGBTQ and all marginalized New Yorkers, reducing the disproportionate harm the communities face.


The Atlanta Opera continues to block their Hair and Makeup crew’s access to healthcare and retaliate against them by slashing wages, all because they sought the dignity and respect of a union.

In Summer 2021, the 100% black Hair and Make-up crew at The Atlanta Opera voted as to whether they would join IATSE Local 798. The hope of the workers was that once a majority voted to form a union, they could collectively bargain a contract providing the employees with health insurance and retirement benefits—similar to what the Musicians, Stagehands, and Costume/Wardrobe workers who work under a union contract already have. But what The Atlanta Opera did is callous.

In a cynical attempt to deny hair and makeup artists the benefits of a union, the Atlanta Opera tried to prevent workers from voting by arguing that they are independent contractors (rather than employees) and don’t have the right to unionize or seek to better their terms of employment. However, The Atlanta Opera LOST that argument. The election was then held, but before the votes could be counted, The Atlanta Opera appealed to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Washington DC to try once again to claim that the workers were not “employees.” By doing so, Atlanta Opera Management caused ballots cast by the crew to be impounded while the NLRB considers if these workers are even “employees” once again.

To make matters worse, The Atlanta Opera retaliated against the crew by degrading their pay and conditions, effectively denying them work at future performances, despite the fact the venue received over $1.6 MILLION in taxpayer dollars through federal PPP financing.

Atlanta Opera Hair and Makeup Artists need your support. Join us in telling management to respect their workers by giving them equitable treatment and counting their votes!


New York City has the largest concentration of Ukrainians outside of Ukraine in the world. 

City Council Member Gail Brewer has published the below possibilities for those interested:

There’s also a local organization the United Ukrainian Relief Committee.


Local 764 Wally Hall Fund Members in good standing may take a loan of up to $3000.00 from the Local 764 Wally Hall Emergency Fund.  These loans are interest free for 18 months.  Please contact Julie Fernandez at [email protected] for more information. Actors Fund Local 764 has a Members Assistance Program that is administered by the Actors Fund.  Members should contact [email protected] for the social service resources provided through the 764 Membership Assistance Program.

For information and application to financial assistance provided through the Actors Fund, please visit their website here: https://actorsfund.org/am-i-eligible-help

The Actors Fund works in conjunction with the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), and they coordinate grants to COVID-19 applicants. BEHIND THE SCENES: Local 764 Members have access to the Mental Health resources provided by Behind the Scenes, which includes a peer-to-peer chat app, an Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder, and other resources.  These resources may be shared with family members, and can assist you in reaching out to someone you are worried about.


Be Scene Be Heard App – Free for Local 764 Members:

Return To Work

If you are contacted by your employer to return to work, PLEASE CONTACT LOCAL 764!
For Leah Okin: [email protected]
For Frank Gallagher: [email protected]