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Posted on September 8, 2020

Monday is Labor Day.
This week, Local 764 invites you to celebrate with activism, and asks that you continue to engage.  Every action counts. This day is our holiday. The very first Labor Day Parade in U.S. history happened right here in New York City, on September 5, 1882 in Union Square.

There is not parade this year, probably fewer picnics, and it is hardly a “day off” as most of our membership is still unemployed, just like thousands of other entertainment-industry workers. But our membership has certainly been extremely busy.

  • We promoted the Census, to make sure that all people are counted for proper representation and funding. It is still not too late to do your part.
  • We are learning how to contribute to a more equitable nation by taking part in the 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, and our Social Justice Task Force is working on more initiatives for the Local.
  • We are lobbying Congress and the Senate to pass important legislation that will help workers – and Entertainment workers in particular – through the pandemic.
  • We are gearing up for the November Elections by registering as voters, phone banking, helping at poll sites, and Getting Out the Vote.
  • We made and continue to make masks for those who need them.
  • We are communicating with each other in new ways, sharing information, and learning new ways of doing things every day.  

All of this makes our Union stronger.  Together, we will help to demand sound public health policy, an end to racism, and economic security and work by voting, being active and sticking together. Together, we all do better. In solidarity to all of you,

Below is information on:

  • Labor Week of Action
  • Get Out the Vote: Phone Banking, Voter Registration
  • Activism: Poll Worker
  • 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge: On going!
  • September Membership Meeting: September 24th at 4 pm
  • Resources for Members

Labor Week of Action


Local 764 Chair of Trustees Terry LaVada will be included on the
Tuesday September 8th Zoom Panel on the HEROES ACT!


All of the events for this week will be digital, links to watch live will be posted on the Central Labor Councils Facebook page or Twitter account. These will be re-posted on Local 764’s social media accounts as well @iatselocal764. Pete Donovan, Local One member participates in and AFL-CIO panel about the effects of COVID 19 on workers TOMORROW, Saturday September 5th at noon:

Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day):

2PM: Catholic Labor Network live-streamed Labor Day Mass 

Tuesday, September 8: 

Labor Votes. Seven weeks out from election day, we’re focusing on voter registration efforts, absentee ballot applications, and other GOTV efforts, as well as the HEROES Act and other COVID-related legislation. 11AM-7:30PM: Phone banking to battleground states

3PM: HEROES Act Zoom Panel discussion with Local 764 Trustee Terry LaVada https://fb.me/e/8Gin5TCNu

Wednesday, September 9: 

Labor Counts. With 3 weeks left to accurately count NYC’s hardest-to-reach residents, we’ll focus on the Labor Counts! Census efforts.

6PM: Facebook Census Town Hall

Thursday, September 10: 

Labor Rises.  We’ll be highlighting various organizing campaigns, information about how to join/form a union, testimonials from new union members,etc. 

11AM-7:30PM: Phone banking to battleground states

Friday, September 11: 

9/11 Commemorations.

8:30AM: Livestream of the Reading of Names

Saturday, September 12: 

A look back at Labor Week, and at Labor Day commemorations of past years.

Get Out The Vote: Phone Banking, Voter Registration

In the last Presidential Election, over 100 Million eligible voters did not vote. Many of those potential voters were people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and people under 35 years of age.

What you can do:

The New York City Central Labor Council is focusing on educating, engaging and facilitating union members’ and their households’ ability to cast their ballot during the 2020 and 2021 elections.
Volunteers will be reaching out to voters in battleground states.  All phone banks will be conducted remotely: the system that is used does not allow the person receiving the call to see your phone number!

Labor Votes! has Tuesday and Thursday phone banking shifts through Election Day.  Sign up at 
https://actionnetwork.org/campaigns/labor-votes/ or text NYCLaborVotes to 877-877.

The NAACP is organizing phone banking to Black voters across the country with their Black Voices Change Lives campaign.  Sign up here, and the NAACP will be in direct contact with you regarding this initiative:

Please note that you are an IATSE Local 764 member when you register for these activities: This Builds Power for our Union, and Unionized workers everywhere!

Make sure you and the people you know are registered! 
Check your status at: https://am-i-registered-to-vote.org/

Member Videos for Labor Week

You can still create brief videos of themselves which will be shared on social media for LABOR WEEK OF ACTION! 

These videos will also be shared for the upcoming week of celebration, which will take place in lieu of the Labor Day Parade. In your video please share something about your connection with your work and a brief statement. (For example: how the pandemic has affected your job, what the extension of the PUA means to you, shows or projects you have worked on and miss, or about being a member of 764 during this time)
The video should be no more than 30 seconds long. Your family and friends are welcome to participate: when they submit their videos they should include their connection to 764 and the state where the live.

For more information or to submit your video submission please contact [email protected]

Poll Worker Opportunities

The AFL-CIO is proud to partner with Power the Polls, a first-of-its-kind initiative to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair election for all voters.

If there are not enough places to work, and not enough workers to process the votes – free and fair elections will be in jeopardy!

Will you help us address our nation’s critical poll worker shortage? You can help make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all voters, and potentially get paid to do it. Sign up to Power the Polls today.
Once you’ve signed up, depending on your jurisdiction, you will either be contacted by Power the Polls, a partner organization, or your local election administrators regarding your application.
The process to become a poll worker can be a bit complicated, but don’t worry: the Power the Polls team will help you along the way. In the coming weeks, Power the Polls will host briefings to provide you with more information about the application process and what to expect when you become a poll worker.

The AFL-CIO is proud to partner with Power the Polls to help combat the shortage of poll workers in the upcoming election. Patricia, sign up to Power the Polls today. Thanks for being a part of this.

21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

On August 31st Local 764 embarked on a journey to expand our understanding how race, power, oppression, supremacy and privilege are weaponized to create divisive intersections in our daily lives.  
You can still join the challenge: go to the Local 764 website for each day’s assignment and the resource list that the Social Justice Task Force BIPOC Steering Panel created here: https://www.ia764.org/uncategorized/21daychallenge/

You can have each day’s assignment emailed to you if you wish.  Make this request to [email protected].

Our challenge is curated from selections on our Racial Equity Resource List that is posted on the Local 764 website.  Each day has a different article, essay, podcast or weblink to read/view (typically taking 15-30 minutes), over the next 21 consecutive days.  It has been intentionally crafted to focus on the Black American experience and the tenets of Anti-Racism. The assignments seek to expose participants to perspectives on elements of Black history, identity and culture, and to the Black community’s experience of racism in America. They will as well as provide a beginning context on the prevalence of white privilege and white supremacy in our American society.

Even this focus on Black Americans cannot possibly highlight all of the diversity of experiences and opinions within the Black community itself, much less substitute for learnings about any other community of color. No one is a monolith.  This syllabus is intended to be an introduction to what we hope will be a rewarding journey that extends far beyond the limits of this challenge and our union’s commitment to being an anti-racist organization.     

September Membership Meeting: Date Reminder


SEPTEMBER 24th and 4pm

This meeting will be Online through the GoToWebinar Platform, and registration details will be sent in advanced of the meeting in a separate email.  

How would you like this beautiful, handmade quilt to be yours?  It could be. 
Watch for a special announcement coming to your email on Labor Day—Monday, September 7!


Housing Opportunity

The Actors Fund is pleased to share information on how to apply for new, rent stabilized, luxury apartments (studios, 1, 2, 3 bedrooms) for middle-income households, along the Brooklyn waterfront at One and Two Blue Slip. Middle income units are available for qualifying households with combined annual incomes from $81,258 – $183,300. 
Wanted to share with you a sneak peek at our Toolkit-in-process. The actual interactive Toolkit that will be posted on our website soon, but as we are waiting on confirmation of dates for webinars, (the first of four webinars is likely to happen on 9/10/20, but all listed dates are subject to change ) didn’t want to delay your initial outreach. We anticipate circling back to supply you with the actual Toolkit link when it is posted. Application deadline is October 19, 2020 for One Blue Slip.

Homeowner Relief

The New York State Legislature has allocated $20 million dollars in funding to the Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP). This program administered through the office of the Attorney General, Letitia James. Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage can get free help by calling the HOPP hotline (855)-466-3456.

Rent Relief Extenstion

Applications for the New York State Rent Relief program will not be accepted through August 6, 2020. A call center is available Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. until 7 p.m., for applicants who need help. Individuals should call 1-833-499-0318 or email [email protected] for more information.

Local 764 Wally Hall Fund

Members in good standing may take a loan of up to $3000.00 from the Local 764 Wally Hall Emergency Fund.  These loans are interest free for 18 months.  Please contact Julie Fernandez at [email protected] for more information.

Actors Fund Local 764 has a Members Assistance Program that is administered by the Actors Fund.  Members should contact [email protected] for the social service resources provided through the 764 Membership Assistance Program.

For information and application to financial assistance provided through the Actors Fund, please visit their website here: https://actorsfund.org/am-i-eligible-help

The Actors Fund works in conjunction with the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), and they coordinate grants to COVID-19 applicants.


Local 764 Members have access to the Mental Health resources provided by Behind the Scenes, which includes a peer-to-peer chat app, an Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder, and other resources.  These resources may be shared with family members, and can assist you in reaching out to someone you are worried about.


If you are contacted by your employer to return to work, PLEASE CONTACT LOCAL 764!
For Leah Okin: [email protected]
For Frank Gallagher: [email protected]