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Posted on September 8, 2020


We all must VOTE, encourage others to VOTE, and if you can: PARTICIPATE IN Local 764’s QUILTMANIA

This year has been like nothing any of us ever imagined.  Despite our world and our industry being turned upside-down, Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 is dedicated to making a CHANGE this November! This includes raising money for the IATSE PAC.

Local 764 has had to find a new way to raise funds to benefit the IATSE PAC.  We’re excited to be able to partner with the IATSE PAC directly this year to raise money for the PAC in this all-important election year.

This year, we want to invite IATSE members from across America to make donations directly to the IATSE PAC. Doing so means you will be entered into a random drawing for a beautiful handmade quilt.

Beginning on September 7th and Continuing through September 24th, everyone who logs into the IATSE-PAC portal (log-in info provided below) and makes a contribution will be entered into the drawing for the quilt. 

Donations to the PAC via the portal are by credit card.  If you wish to make a contribution by check or money order you may send those contributions (payable to IATSE PAC) to the Local 764 Office (545 West 45th Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10036.

$5 is the minimum contribution.  Members may choose to give a 1-time contribution to the IATSE PAC, or better yet, they can make a monthly contribution. Entries will be based on the amount donated, in $5 increments.  If one makes a monthly contribution, entries will be given based on the amount pledged for 2020.

The quilt is designed and constructed by Local 764 member Michael Michalski.  It is all-cotton, and Queen-sized.  The name of this quilt is “Navigating the Storm”.
The IATSE PAC makes contributions to national candidates who are friendly to Union, Labor, and Entertainment Industry causes.
We encourage everyone to take part in this important drive to boost the IATSE PAC.
In Solidarity,
Shannon Koger
Quiltmania chair

TO DONATE: https://iatsepac.net/

IATSE PAC portal Log-In info:  If you don’t know your username, you can log in using the following information: 

  • Local number, last name year of birth (format YYYY) excluding leading zeroes, spaces and special characters such as hyphens and apostrophes,
  • Example:  IATSE member John Smith-Rogers of Local 999 was born in 1960. He would log in with:  999SmithRogers1960

If you have any problem logging in, our Log-In Liaison, Karen Winer, can be contacted at [email protected]


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