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Wearing a #mask is necessary, but not forever. Let’s conquer #COVID and then go see a #Broadway show. https://t.co/AkGHnreWaj

@RoseannMilano This photo is from Eric Winterling costume shop which is not under 764, but the show Mrs. Maisel is under 764.


Posted on April 2, 2020

To the members of Local 764:

In light of the current lack of work due to the CoVid-19 crisis, on Wednesday, April 1st, the Local 764 Executive Board unanimously voted to credit for dues purposes each of our members with $62.00, which is amount of per capita dues for this second quarter.

These credits will be issued on each member’s account before April 10th, 2020.  The credit will enable members to maintain their current standing for the next three months (April 1- June 30 2020) without making any payment. 

For those members who have already paid their per capita dues for the second quarter, the $62.00 credit will remain on your account to be used for a future payment.  

Questions regarding this credit may be directed to the Local 764 Office.

In Health and in Solidarity,

The Local 764 Executive Board