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Local 764 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge: Starts Monday August 31st.

Posted on August 28, 2020

Welcome !  And thank you for your interest in joining Local 764’s “21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge.”  Beginning August 31st, we will embark on a journey to expand our understanding how race, power, oppression, supremacy and privilege are weaponized to create divisive intersections in our daily lives.  This 21 day challenge was created by Eddie Moore, Jr., an established diversity and inclusion advocacy expert.  

Our challenge will be curated from selections on our Racial Equity Resource List that is posted on the Local 764 website.  Each day has a different article, essay, podcast or weblink to read/view (typically taking 15-55 minutes), over the next 21 consecutive days.  Some days have 2 assignments.  The top assignment might be quick (5 minutes or less), so we added a second to fill out the day.  It has been intentionally crafted to focus on the Black American experience and the tenets of Anti-Racism. The assignments seek to expose participants to perspectives on elements of Black history, identity and culture, and to the Black community’s experience of racism in America. They will as well as provide a beginning context on the prevalence of white privilege and white supremacy in our American society.  

The 21 days begin on Monday August 31st and will end on Sunday September 20.  We encourage all members participating to share their thoughts on the daily assignments in the “Chat” section of the posts on  the 764 website. 
We also encourage members to sign up for a LinkedIn Learning account through the Training Trust Fund in order to view one of the assignments later in the challenge. (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/527be30ee4b0233cbd8b056d/t/5e1fa3c7f5403e49cd7f7dee/1579131849276/LinkedIn+Learning+Subscription+Application+2020.pdf)


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