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2021 Per Capita Stamps (Quarterly Dues) Announcement

Posted on December 21, 2020

Local 764 2021 Quarterly Dues COVID-19 Relief

Local 764 will pay for the per capita stamps from the IATSE for Local 764 Members in Good Standing during 2021 and will not charge quarterly dues to any Member in Good Standing during 2021.

Stamps will be sent to members on a quarter-by-quarter basis. (If a member, for work purposes, needs a full years’ stamps in advance, that member can contact the office on an individual basis).

Local 764 will resume charging quarterly dues for 2022.  2% Work Dues will continue to be assessed as usual when you work and are not waived.

This Benefit will be for all Members in Good Standing, and for new or reinstated members who meet all other qualifications and financial obligations in the year 2021.  Only Members in Good Standing, as defined below, are eligible. 

  • To be in “Good Standing” a member must be current in all other dues, including past years’ quarterly dues, 2% work dues, fees, assessments and all other financial obligations due to Local 764.
  • To assess standing, members’ accounts will be reviewed quarterly, and members must be current by the date by which quarterly dues are traditionally due. Those dates are:
    • Monday January 11th, 2021 for the First Quarter
    • Monday, April 12th, 2021 for the Second Quarter
    • Monday, July 12th for the Third Quarter
    • Tuesday, October 12th for the Fourth Quarter
  • If a member is deemed NOT in good standing by the above due dates, Quarterly Dues, and any applicable late fees will be charged to that member’s account.
  • Members can reinstate their good standing at any time by paying all financial obligations to Local 764. 

For members who have credits on their accounts:

  • Credits will remain on the accounts indefinitely until used for 2% work dues, assessments, or future years’ Quarterly Dues.
  • If you have a credit on your account and 2% Work Dues or other assessments are incurred, the Local will use credits on members’ accounts as per the Local 764 Constitution.

Opting Out:

  • Members may choose to pay their Quarterly Dues to support Local 764.  Quarterly dues are $63.00/quarter or $252.00 for the whole year.  Members who have credits on their accounts may decline those credits if they choose.

Local 764 Member Benefits:

  • Members in Good Standing who are eligible and receive quarterly stamps through this COVID-19 relief will be eligible for all other benefits of Members in Good Standing, including but not limited to:
    • Local 764 Ancillary Benefits (vision benefit, orthodontic benefit, gym benefit)
    • Access to the Wally Hall Fund
    • Meeting Attendance
    • Voting Eligibility
    • Ability to run for office (provided all other Local 764 Constitutional requirements are met)
    • Ability to nominate another member for office (provided all other Local 764 Constitutional requirements are met)
    • IATSE Communication and Membership
    • Access to Union Plus Benefits
    • Access to the Actors Fund Membership Assistance Program