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Natalie Abreu

Posted on March 17, 2021

A principal dresser/costumer and costume assistant in the New York City theater, live performance, television and film industry.
Specialties include:
• Outstanding interpersonal, verbal & written communication skills
• Excellent Organizational, Planning & Prioritizing skills
• Far-reaching Researching skills
• Able to remain Clear-headed & Calm in Demanding Situations
• Natural aptitude to work Independently or as part of a Team
• Strong Attention to Detail and Continuity; Analytical skills
• Far-Reaching Management Experience
• Hand & Machine Sewing; Stitching
• Knitting/Crocheting; Beading & Embroidery
• Knowledgeable in Fabrics/ Fabric Care & Costume Maintenance
• Fashion History & Theatrical Background
• Minor Costume Alterations/Repair