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IATSE Return To Work Agreement Posted on the Local 764 Website - https://t.co/7q2nHD9K15

It’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay  Check your registration status, don’t sit this one out. https://t.co/ANo6N03YdS… https://t.co/LbEQ5cXK8l

Breaking News‼️ More details at this Thursdays membership meeting. Hollywood Unions Reach Deal With Studios on Safe… https://t.co/dKCUfynMtD

Cathy Gray-Carney

Posted on August 1, 2019

Located in Astoria
Current/valid NYS Driver’s License
Hand & Machine sewing
Men’s & Women’s Tailoring
Draping, Fitting, Patterning
Knitting & Embroidery
Laundry, Ironing, Steaming