Updates from Local 764

Get your @IATSELocal764 Quilt Raffle tix!!! If the raffle tix are not available at your show you can get yours by c… https://t.co/ci6HOPi1oM

Ratification of the Majors Agreement today at 1 @IATSELocal764 office. Come vote yes! #UnionStrong https://t.co/eqLtKcvSU1

@IATSELocal764 membership meeting today at 2:30, use link below to register. https://t.co/ah4kKtm9cM https://t.co/hM9ynTQ42X

Angela Lehrer

Posted on January 22, 2020

Experienced Stitcher/Tailor, Fitter. Costume maker.
Production laundry, Day worker: all that good stuff on over 30 Broadway productions as an IATSE TWU 764 member. Cel 1(347)977-0313
[email protected]