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BREAKING DOWN A SCRIPT Friday September 13, 10am-1pm Instructor: Pattie Barbosa

Posted on May 16, 2019

This class teaches the manual fundamentals on how to breakdown
television and movie scripts.

You will be breaking down a shooting script that has scene numbers,
days, exterior/interior locations.

We read through each scene and break down all the elements. Each actor has their own page or pages. From this information, we can detect how many garments changes will be required for this project. This information is helpful when you do a budget and putting together the closets for each actor. If it is a period project. This will give you an indication of how many garments need to be rented, purchased, or made. You will also know the script in your mind once you finish the breakdown.

To register email: Julie Fernandez at [email protected] or call 212 957 3500 ext. 11.